Own your supply chain.

Alcohol distribution made easy.

Built for distributors, Masava is a centralized platform that connects all parties in the alcohol supply chain. Masava automates manual processes, making ordering, paying, and keeping inventory easy.

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70+ hours saved weekly, 13% increase in sales

"Before Masava, I would spend hours collecting checks, checking store inventories, and keeping track of book keeping and reports. The time Masava saves me is invaluable. Even a few hours a day can add up to several thousand dollars in a sales a week which both I and my company are grateful for."

Heather Decker
Flamingo Wine and Spirits
Retailer Relationship Manager

Relationships Made Easy.

Making relationships easier with notes, reminders and sales hours - all in one view. Keep a pulse on the retailers you work with at any moment.

2-Click Invoice Generation

Ordering Made Easy.

Create orders and update inventory real time, offer pre-orders and track back-orders seamlessly. Empower your delivery with easy fulfillment tools.

Leveraging Data

Analytics Made Easy.

Supply planning is a complex and time-consuming process. Masava helps streamline inventory and order management to help you scale.

Inventory Management

We provide demand forecasting on your portfolio. With Masava, get reminded when to reorder from your suppliers to ensure you never run out of inventory.

Calculate ROI on Tastings & Samples

Track every tasting with each of your accounts, schedule follow-ups, and secure new placements. Calculate and maximize your ROI on every sample bottle!

Full View of The Supply Chain

Masava is a wholesale product intelligence platform that predicts what will sell again. Track your vendors, sales, and customers' demand.

Evolve From Paper Checks

Payments Made Easy.

Offer ACH Payments

Offer customers the ability to pay with ACH or with physical checks.

24/7 Insight

Stay organized and on top of your receivables. Get a view of all your orders, payments and pending invoices any time of the day.

Alcohol Distribution Made Easy.

Masava is a wholesale management platform exclusively designed for alcohol distributors to simplify the daily tasks like sales, relationship management, and operating a distributorship.

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